Based on 25 years of experience and know-how IMPOCOLOR is offering dyes, optical brighteners and textile auxiliary agents. Throughout the world the brand IMPOCOLOR stands for highest quality standards, a considerable product range as well as a most reliable customer service. Our quality assurance system is permanently monitoring the product quality starting from the raw materials and the entire production processes to the final quality control.

Efficient warehousing, high production capacities and many years of experience with our logistic partners guarantee fast and flexible deliveries for our customers. Of course we take pleasure in offering custom-made solutions for dyes that we will develop according to your specifications.

IMPOCOLOR. Color your life.


Whatever question or need comes up, our laboratory and our staff offer fast expertise and service with regards to all industrial applications where our dyes and textile auxiliary agents are used. Our knowledge and know-how ranges from wet processes to dyeing and drying treatments and is based on many years of practical experience in our own testing center and on the longstanding relationship with our customers. Besides dyes IMPOCOLOR formulates a number of auxiliary agents for textile wet processes as well as for drying and thermo-processes as carried out in the pretreatment for dyeing or printing, as well as in the chemical or mechanical finishing.

In development and testing IMPOCOLOR cooperates with independent research and development institutes thus enabling us to offer dyes and auxiliary agents that ensure a sustainable production of textiles

IMPOCOLOR. What can we do for you?

Dyes and Textile Auxiliary Agents

IMPOCOLOR offers all common types of dyes for padding and exhaust dyeing of natural, regenerated and synthetic fibres. For cellulose fibres we offer reactive, direct, vat and sulphur dyes. Further on our product range comprises various dyes for various materials such as acid and metal complex dyes for wool and polyamide, disperse dyes for polyester and polyamide materials as well as basic dyes for polyacrylic fibres. Most of our dyes are available in powder form; only some special dyes are supplied in liquid state. For textile printing we offer a wide range of pigments as well as reactive and vat dyes.
Highest attention is paid to the correct dosing of all components, since the results in textile finishing mainly depend on the process conditions, process methods and the auxiliary agents.

The IMPOCOLOR product range offers all kinds of textile auxiliary agents such as detergents, wetting agents, sequestring agents, enzymes, peroxide stabilizing agents, levelling agents, disperging agents, crease-preventing agents, thickeners, antifoaming agents, retarders, softeners, aftertreatment agents, for pretreatment, dyeing, printing and chemical finishing of cotton and other cellulose fibres, wool, silk, fibre mixtures and synthetic textile materials. These might be loose fibres, yarns, woven or knitted materials as well as finished but yet untreated garments.
To constantly assess IMPOCOLOR products our experts keep carrying out bulk trials and tests under production conditions. Besides the efficiency of our products and their application results, our aim is to develop and to produce dyes and textile auxiliaries for a sustainable textile production.


IMPOCOLOR Product groups

direct dyes Imcosol
reactive dyes Imcozin KX series »
reactive dyes Imcozin CDG series »
reactive dyes Imcozin Brilliant series »
vat dyes Imcothren
disperse dyes Imcocet »
acid dyes Imconyl
metal complex dyes Imcolan
pigment dyes Comaprint
basic dyes Comacryl
dispersing agent Dispergal
optical brighteners Flurosol
crease-preventing agent Imcogliss
enzymes Imcolase
levelling agent Impegal
aftertreatment agent Impofix
softening agent Imposoft
sequestring agent Komplexon
detergent Lavonyl
stabilizing agent Perstabol
stripping agent Reductol
antifoaming agent Spuminex
wetting agent Wetanol

impoTEX fabric marking system - the innovative and yet simple solution

No more… marking of fabric rolls with a dye-resistant paint tube

No more… entering of piece number and weight into a separate article sheet

No more… transferring of data from the article sheets to a factory data collection system

No more… figuring out of illegible, handwritten or incorrect labels

The impoTEX fabric marking system offers an innovative and yet easy to handle solution for marking all kinds of textile raw materials - regardless of whether the raw material was produced from natural or synthetic yarns or whether the material to be marked was produced on a weaving-, circular- or warp knitting machine or whether nonwovens need to be marked.
impoTEX labels can be sealed onto all kinds of textile raw materials thus offering the perfect solution for whatever marking job you might have to perform. Printed with the impoTEX ribbon our labels and the imprint remain resistant against all kinds of dyes and auxiliary agents that are used in pretreatment, dyeing and after treatment processes.

Marking with the impoTEXT fabric marking system is easy and comfortable:
1.) Read barcode with a standard scanner
2.) Fabric roll is being scaled
3.) The barcode label is being automatically issued
4.) Label is being printed with a thermal transfer printer
5.) In 3 seconds time the label is being sealed onto the raw material with a heat seal press
6.) Ready! Now the imprint on the label shows all necessary information that is recorded in the system – ready to be recalled at any time during the subsequent production processes

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